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Coronavirus: most searched topic on the google

Image source Google / Backgroun photo by CDC on Unsplash
COVID-19 has now spread to a number of countries. This is how the world is searching.
  1. how did the coronavirus start?
  2. what is the coronavirus?
  3. how many cases of coronavirus in the us?
  4. how long does coronavirus last?
  5. how many people have died from coronavirus?
  6. what states don't have coronavirus?
  7. is coronavirus deadly?
  8. why is coronavirus worse than flu?
  9. how many people have died from coronavirus?
  10. does trump have coronavirus
Information collected : from trends.google.com on 17-03-202012:35 IST

You can read Dos and Don'ts To Prevent Coronavirus From Spreading

You can view number of COVID-19 confirmed cases from around the world on map here
This interactive dashboard/map provides the latest global numbers and numbers by country of COVID-19 cases on a daily basis.

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