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Meet Shammi Narang the man behind the male Voice of Metro’s Announcements

Everyday, millions of people use the Delhi metro to commute.

All who travel by Metro must have hear the voice of announcements for next upcoming station.

Shammi narang is the only man behind the male voice.

He is engineering post-graduate from IIT, Delhi.

Narang first got into the voice-over profession by working in the Hindi division of Voice of America.
Later he was selected from among 100,000 candidates into Doordarshan, which was then the only channel in India,

His rendering of Sarab Sanjhi Gurbani has become the voice of Sikhs globally as well.

Narang voice is also in many hollywood and bollywood movies such as:
  • Maqbool (Mr. Bhosle), 
  • No One Killed Jessica (Justice Jain), 
  • Sarabjit (Guest appearance as himself), 
  • Sultan (Wrestling Commentator)

So, the next time you hear a metro announcement, you know who the face behind it is!

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