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Is Alom a funny or a Inspirational guy

Ashraful Alom Saeed best known as Hero Alom is a Bangladeshi amateur music video model and social media phenomenon. He came to spotlight on Bangladeshi social media through his amateur music videos shared on Youtube and Facebook . As of December 2016, his YouTube videos had received over 10 million views.

Earlier in his life he was employed selling CDs. He was a very poor man. Now he is a satellite dish line provider. He always cherished a dream of becoming a model ever since his childhood. Finally he began making music videos, directed and produced by himself. None of his music videos are original; he uses popular Bangla and Hindi movie songs including voice and music in his videos.

In Bangladesh, Alom is a popular target of online trolling and a popular subject of memes as well. As of December 2016, Alom has not acted in any kind of films, dramas or mainstream productions.

source: wikipedia

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