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Child Health Care - Quick Tips:IHO

Sleep Well - Kids between the ages of 5 to 12 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. This helps them pay better attention in school, be in a better mood, and to fight off sickness in order to stay healthy.

Swimming in the pool - . It is very important to have your children take swimming lessons at an early age. Strict adult supervision required at all times when children are playing or swimming in the pool. Get a pool safety fence and cover when the pool is not in use

Hot Summers- Take frequent breaks indoors or in the shade. Children always need sunscreen lotion while outdoors during the hot summer months. It is also important to protect them from the sun at its peak between the hours of 10AM till 4 PM.

Go Green - Learn the benefits of a clean environment, which is the land, the water, and the air we breathe.  Plant trees, do gardening, reduce plastic use and save water. Learn to reduce, recycle, reuse, and enjoy the earth for you and your kids

Drugs & Alcohol usage - Peer pressure makes it easy for kids to become prey and vulnerable to these dangerously addictive substances. Help them understand the dangers of getting involved with legal and illegal drugs, along with alcohol, and educate them on what these drugs are.

Keep Children Away - from getting into prescription medications, guns, alcohol, household cleaning supplies, power shed tools, kitchen knives, sharp objects, open sockets or anything else that could be a danger to children. Have them learn the correct procedures to call 100, 101, 1091 for emergencies.
Vision and Hearing Tests - It is still important to go for vision exams and hearing tests so that any interventions can begin early if necessary.

Yearly physical examinations - Besides going to the doctor every year for a physical, be sure to have your doctor check for the kids' BMI (Body Mass Index) to help prevent getting their young bodies with having too much fat.

Regular Exercise - Instead of kids sitting in front of the computer or the TV all day begin with daily physical activities such as household chores, walking the dog, wash the car, or even yard work. These are things that make them more productive.

 Practice Dental Prevention - Make kids brush their teeth in the morning and before bedtime. This prevents cavities and reduces plaque build-up on teeth. With flossing, gums will stay healthy.
Take them to the Dentist at least twice a year- It will cover an overall examination of teeth and gums by a professional, in addition to a thorough teeth cleaning and x-rays. If cavities are found on dental x-rays then a filling is necessary at a later visit.
Necessary Vaccinations - Keep current with all vaccinations to ensure protection from serious diseases.

Say no to Snacks - Over the decades many were raised on a steady diet of fast foods, carbonated drinks, and junk food such as potato chips, donuts, and other high calorie foods. Candies, cakes, fast food, sodas, and junk food are a growing concern due to the epidemic of obesity in children. Make them eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains - Drink natural fruit juices, milk, and water. Also include meat, fish, beans, and nuts for well-rounded nutrition at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should make food look interesting to them in order to induce them to eat it.

Hygiene is very important- An absolute must, all kids need to wash their hands after they've been outside, before every meal, and when they've played around with pets. Hand washing helps prevent the spread of germs and illness.

Make bath time fun for infants and toddlers by adding toys and games. When they are over the age 3 a kid-safe shower head, with a gentler spray and adjusted for their height, makes the older kids feel more grown-up.

Source : IHO

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