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YouTube creators can more easily inform viewers about other videos, playlists, merchandise, websites, and more—without losing their focus from the original content.

Cards allow you to add a new layer of interactivity to your videos. They are applied on a per video basis and are rendered on desktop and mobile devices. You can provide a destination URL from a list of eligible sites and, depending on the card type, customize an image, title, and call-to-action text.

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YouTube for Artists

Turn your creativity into a career using YouTube for artist

Doing what you love for a living is what it's all about. Check out how different artists have turned their passion for music into a career.

Insights and tools to help you share your music, engage your fans, and build a career.

Master the basics : From optimizing your videos for our algorithms to using your stats to understand your fans, master the basics of YouTube so your music can take center stage.

Engage your fans: Fans on YouTube don’t just watch videos—they like, share, remix, and cover the music they love. Here’s how to make a meaningful connection with the more than 1 billion fans on YouTube around the world.

Build a career: Fans are the foundation of an artist’s success. And with direct access to a passionate and engaged fan base, there are more ways to build a career than ever before.

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