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It is a touchscreen desk that is powered by Genuine 64-bit Windows 7 (Windows 8 ready).

The Pano can be purchased with two standard HD (1080p) or two high resolution Ultra HD 4K (2160p) displays. Support for up to 40 touch points.

Tough Enough for Virtually Any Environment
The Pano is the first-of-its-kind multiuser, multitouch collaborative technology experience. Originally custom designed for interactive exhibits in museum settings, the Pano has exceptional build quality and is engineered for high traffic public spaces. The 100" screen, with 40+ touch points, can effortlessly accommodate up to eight simultaneous users for memorable interaction and information sharing.

All-in-One or Control Room Set Up
The Pano comes standard as an integrated unit with its own computer workstation, audio with Yamaha speakers, and a UPS. It can also be configured for a control room set up with rack-mountable hardware.

The integrated computer is a powerhouse. It includes an Intel® Quad Core i7 4770® (3.4GHz) with Hyperthreading®, 8MB cache computer with 16GB of RAM, and dual 500GB HDDs.

Along with an industry-leading 40 touch points, the touch surface on the Pano has palm rejection, bright HD or 4K / UHD resolution screens, and up to a 60hz refresh rate.

The Pano comes with a full, expandable workstation computer that makes it great for processor-intensive tasks. Whether you are running cutting-edge multiuser museum exhibits, complex visualizations, or games—the Pano can handle just about any application you might run.

The Pano multitouch table has a chemically strengthened glass top and the chassis is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and cold-rolled steel. We are proud to say that the Pano table has exceptional build-quality and is perfect for public spaces and other demanding environments.

The Pano multitouch table come with powerful graphics cards with an emphasis on performance. A standard 16GB of RAM ensures that the Pano multitouch tables can handle any application thrown at them.

Source : Ideum

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