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Introducing RakEM Direct device-to-device secure and private communication

RakEM idea is simple:
To create secure and private communications for everyone.

RakEM - make and receive communications that no-one else can listen in on (no snooping, no back doors, no data mining) while allowing the users to control their data.

Experience is easy.

Send - Secure Texting, Picture and Video Sharing, Voice and Video calling, and Location sharing. Secure, private and encrypted:

RakEM Technology is complex and you don’t even see it.

Device-to-device direct communications (no servers) with the highest levels of self-mutating encryption covering voice, video, text and files.

Some companies say: ”We would rather fold the company than give out your content”. But would they? Some companies say: ”We delete your communications from our servers”. But do they?

RakEM has nothing to give out, RakEM has nothing to delete. We do not have your communications, you are safe with RakEM.

Privacy Rebels.
No text regrets.

Nowhere else can you retract your word! You wrote it, you can delete it on your device, and also on your friend's device. No screen shots!

by Greg Parker CEO, March 2015
At the heart of founding Raketu was the goal to provide free or low cost private communications for everyone. Our belief is that everyone, everywhere, should be able to privately communicate with those they choose and that geography and costs should not be an obstacle. Using this philosophy, Raketu was born in 2006. Raketu was developed from the ground up using our advanced secure peer-to-peer communications network – a network designed to carry text, voice, video, files, and you name it. Our technology allows users to communicate directly from one device to another device – without the use of servers. Our systems and technology have always been secure, and along the way we used and developed various levels of encryption culminating with our patent pending self-mutating encryption – the pinnacle of encryption – that allows each message to be encrypted differently even if the content is the same. This is the highest level of encryption.

Device-to-Device Direct

While encryption is critical, it is not the whole story – how the content is transported also plays a significant role. RakEM uses device to device DIRECT communications. What this means is that content goes from one device to another device directly, without the use of intermediate or central servers. This is important and unlike most other messengers that have the device send the content to their servers, where it is stored and at some later time sent to the recipients device. When the content is stored on their servers it is vulnerable to be data mined by the messaging company themselves, or a partner of theirs or to be accessed from a central point by a hacker or third party. In addition, since all communications in their model go to their central server, it is far easier for a hacker or unwanted third party to “spy” for traffic at or near this origin. In contrast, since RakEM uses direct device to device transmission, it is incredibly difficult for any hacker or unwanted third party to find the traffic in the first place in order to “spy” on it – and even if they did “spy” on it, our encryption level and algorithms make it next to impossible to decipher the content.
Encrypted local files

RakEM also encrypts local files – so even your text history is encrypted locally on your device.
Reciprocal Deletion of Text History

RakEM also provides users the ability to reciprocally delete all or selected messages from their chat history that also deletes those messages from the recipients device. In other words, you can “take back” your texts.

Location Sharing

While many people don’t like the idea of location sharing, many do. RakEM is working on some new features around the concept of what we call “who’s near” – more to come on that later. Regardless of whether you like the idea of location sharing or not, RakEM comes with location sharing turned OFF by default. Each user must manually turn on periodic location sharing in the settings. Once it is turned on, only your approved friends can see your location. You can send your location update to a specific approved friend directly without turning on periodic location sharing – either from the contact list more, or when you are in a text chat with them. You are in total control of location sharing.

Open Source?

RakEM is not currently open source. We at Raketu are believers and advocates of open source, and we regularly contribute to several. We are considering open sourcing RakEM at a future date when we feel it is appropriate to do so.

Available for :

Mobile :  Android, Apple
Desktop :WIndows, MAC

Source : RakEM

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