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Commemorating International Women’s Day on Twitter

To honor International Women’s Day (IWD2015), Twitter wanted to reflect on the powerful voices and movements speaking up on Twitter for women’s rights. Day in and day out across the platform, there are active conversations about a variety of women’s issues. Some of these exchanges emerge in response to global events; others originate on Twitter and inspire concrete actions.
The conversation around “feminism” has increased 300% over the past three years. Several powerful discussions and campaigns began on Twitter and have brought awareness to many millions. Bring Back Our Girls started on Twitter to call attention to the horrific mass kidnapping in Nigeria, and resulted in more than 4.5 million Tweets from across the world. YesA Women, You OkSis, sendeanlage, Why Loiter, #NotBuyingIt and many other topics demonstrate the power of hashtag activism ignited by Twitter users, particularly to give voice to lived experience. You’ll also find healthy and vital debates happening around these issues on Twitter, such as Solidarity Is For White Women or Feminism LooksLike.

Source : Twitter Blog

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