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IRCTC is still Facing Poor Performance after spending INR 100 Crores

IRCTC (The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) which claims that they have spent more than 100 crore rupees to re build a website to prevent performance issues, but what if there is no of use for the common people.
This is next generation e-ticketing website recently introduced by IRCTC facilitating to users which is easy to access and doesn’t have issue like slow loading, session expire etc. You can use it any time no matter whether you are booking tatkal tickets or doing normal booking.
Bul all is just a text not a reality, though they have changed the look.
People are still facing couple of errors that is becoming highly frustrating and inconvenient for everyone in such a hi-tech time.
We have listed some of the common errors below :

  1. Often logs out on payment page.
  2. Sometimes it doesn't load master passenger list,
  3. Sometime it shows wrong number of seat availability (rare but possible due to cache)
  4. user transact their net banking successfully but on the IRCTC website it shows error
  5. It often crashes due to multiple users session.

After crash and errors ITCTC simply shows the following downtime message for the users


The usage also follows nice patterns which everyone who used IRCTC know. At 10 AM we get peak load. Why do we get the peak load? Lot of users/connections concurrently connecting to book very less tatkal tickets. The problem is actually half solved here itself. We just need to accommodate the rush at 10 AM.

For any complaint, against the e-ticket agents, one may contact agentcomplaint@irctc.co.in (011-23745962) or care@irctc.co.in (011-39340000)

If you want to say something about IRCTC or have some suggestions then please comment.

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