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Learn The Privacy Basics Of Facebook Control Panel

Facebook is world's no 1 social networking website & million of people surf Facebook daily. But what if someone else looking your profile or steeling your details without your permission. Here are some links of Facebook 's common settings. By applying these settings you can control your Facebook account and can surf FB without any fear.
About Privacy Settings
Where are my privacy settings?
How does privacy work for things I share?
How do I control who can see what's on my timeline?

Manage Settings for How You Connect
How do I control who can find me on Facebook using the contact info I've provided?
How do I control who can add me as a friend?
How do I control who can message me on Facebook?
Who can see posts on my timeline?
I want to make all of my past posts visible to only friends.
How do I block someone?

Manage How Tags Work
How do I control who sees posts and photos that I’m tagged in on my timeline?
How do I turn on the option to review tags that friends add to my posts before they appear?
How can I turn off tag suggestions?
What is timeline review?
What is Tag Review?
What’s the difference between timeline review and tag review?

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