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Bharti Airtel launches emergency alert service

Airtel Emergency Alerts helps you to keep your loved ones informed. Now whenever you are in an emergency or you want to inform your loved ones that you are safe, just dial one number ie 55100 & an alert(along with your current location) will be sent to all the loved ones(whose mobile nos are pre defined by you) immediately in one go. Another wonderful feature of this service is that by enabling the tracking mode of the service, automated location alert will be sent in every 10 minutes to all your loved ones, for next half an hour.

With Airtel Emergency Alerts you can send:
  • Emergency Alerts -OBD and SMS(with location)
  • Safe Alerts- SMS(with location)
  • Help Alert -SMS (with location)
  • Tracker- Send an automatic SMS Alert with your location each 10 minutes to your loved ones, in half an hour   
Who will use this service?
  • Working women.
  • Women at home.
  • Elderly Parents at home
  • Children at home or coming back home.
  • & anyone & every one. 
What is the Price?
Rs. 30 per month with a fall back of Rs 10 (10 days) & Rs 1.5 (1 day)

Does it work on limited phones?
No it works on all the phones.

Who all can i invite as a friend to send the alerts?
You may want to add/invite anyone in India, no matter which operator mobile service he uses. You can add maximum upto 10 numbers.

How to subscribe?
Subscription process is as follows:

How to generate an Alert?
To generate an emergency/safe alert, a customer needs to follow the below process:

Source: Airtel.in

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