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Mobile phones should not be given to women and girls: Is it a Good Decision:?

Original Headding : India to run out of phone numbers by next year

With its booming mobile phone industry set to reach a billion subscribers next year, India will soon run out of phone numbers, reports the Times of India.

It is true that there might be a serious problem if a new series of numbers are not brought in by the middle of next year,” according to the article, quoting Rajan Mathews, director general of Cellular Operators Association of India. “We are theoretically reaching the limit of existing number sets.”

There are many alternate solutions for providing more phone numbers:
Longer 11 digit numbers may solve the problem,
Changing the way numbers are allocated. Currently they are assigned in batches to telcos, which means many remain unused. Department of Telecom (DoT) said.

Perhaps one way to reduce the growth rate in mobile phone usage is to follow the advice of Indian politician Rajpal Saini, who said mobile phones should not be given to women and girls.

The Deccan Chronicle, based in Bangalore, reports him as saying: “Why do housewives and school going girls need mobiles? It encourages them to make futile small talk and get connected with people outside their homes. Mobile phones distract women and offer nothing useful for them.

“Our mothers, sisters and wives did not have mobile phones but they did not die because of it. If they could survive without mobile phones, why can’t women now?”

Saini’s comments have, predictably, set off a storm of controversy in India, where there is an increasing backlash against the moves to female emancipation being driven by India’s increasing modernisation. Earlier this year a group of village elders in Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh banned women under 40 from using mobile phones.
Source: Times of India, Image:123rf

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