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Now recharge you prepaid number anytime, anywhere with the FREE Pocket Payment app : Aircel

Now recharge you prepaid number anytime, anywhere with the FREE Pocket Payment app.
Powered by SmartRefill, the easy-to-use app lets you to recharge yours as well as your family’s prepaid numbers without hassles.
All you need to recharge on the go:
  1. GPRS Handset
  2. Credit or Debit card (Visa or MasterCard)
  3. FREE Pocket Payment app
To start using Pocket Payment, SMS ‘MPAY’ to 121 to get the link for installing the app.

Watch Demo:

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Understanding Aircel Pocket Payment

What is Aircel Pocket Payment?
Aircel Pocket Payment is a new mobile application by Aircel in association with Smart Refill which will allow all Aircel Customers to do a pre-paid recharge through their mobile phones. This feature links your credit card with your mobile phone thus helping you recharge your phone or any Aircel pre-paid number (friends, family etc) anytime, anywhere.

Why should I use Aircel Pocket Payment?
Aircel Pocket Payment equips you with a convenience to recharge yours or any Aircel Prepaid number right from your own mobile phone. You should also use this service since it provides you with highest level of safety. All transactions are authorized by means of a 4 digit App PIN and also by a One-Time-Password issued by the bank.

What are the various payment options that are available for this service?
Currently this service is available for all Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards. More payment options including debit cards will be available soon.

Who can use this service?
Currently to register in this service, you have to be an Aircel Pre-paid customer. This will be open for post-paid bill payments and other services as well shortly.

Is there any charge for using Aircel Pocket Payment?
Aircel Pocket Payment is free for all Aircel customers. You will be charged only for your top-ups done using the service.

Is this mobile application safe to use?
Aircel provides this service to its customers in association with Smart Refill which is a global Mobile Payment company. The credit card information is stored in a PCI-DSS Level 1 secure database, according to credit card company’s highest security demands. The application has the same security level as an ATM. Moreover every transaction must be authorized from your mobile phone using the 4 digit App PIN that you set yourself on your phone and hence is not known to anyone else. All payments are processed through a Citibank secure payment gateway.

How will the top-up transactions appear in my credit card statement?
In your credit card statement it will appear as ‘Prepaid Mobile Recharge’.

Is my handset compatible for using the Aircel Pocket Payment?
The Aircel Pocket Payment application can be used on all GPRS enabled handsets. This covers Java ME (both numeric and QWERTY keyboard), Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

How do I pay for my top-up?
The application links your mobile phone to your Visa/MasterCard credit card allowing you to make payments through your mobile phone. As soon as you download the application you will be asked to register using your Aircel pre-paid number and also choose a 4 digit App PIN to be used for all future transactions. While doing the first top-up, you will be asked to enter your card details and One Time Password issued by the bank. The card details need to be entered only once and for all subsequent transactions, you just need to enter the 4 digit App PIN and One Time Password from the bank.

What is OTP (One-Time-Password)?
As per guidelines issued by RBI, starting February 1st, 2011 all IVR and m-commerce transactions would require an additional One-Time-Password issued by the bank. This gives you extra security while doing an m-commerce transaction.

What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?
You can be rest assured that the application cannot be misused since it can be operated only by a 4 digit App PIN which only you would know. Additionally all transactions are initiated by means of a One-time-Password which is issued by card owning bank. The One-time-password is only valid for one transaction and directly sent to customer’s mobile number registered with the bank. However it is advisable to contact us (by sending an email to support@smartrefill.in) and get the service de-activated for your number in case mobile has been lost or stolen.

What happens to my account setup with Aircel Pocket Payment, when I get a new mobile phone with the same phone number?
You can continue using the same account on your new phone if you have the same mobile number. Just download the application to your new handset and register again.

What happens to my account when I change my mobile number?
Please send an email to support@smartrefill.in with details of the change. For security reasons your account will be de-activated (deleted) and you will have to register your credit card with your new mobile number.

For more FAQ and Registration Process Please click here

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