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Hi-tech 'X-ray helmet' that lets pilots see through the plane

A new 'Top Gun' X-ray helmet for fighter pilots can allow them to see through their aircraft walls, even if they are looking down.
The Striker helmet, made by a UK firm, interacts with cameras dotted all over the plane. Sensors in the helmet are able to tell exactly where the pilot is looking.
When matched up with cameras around the plane, the helmet system is able to superimpose a picture from the outside of the plane onto the pilots display, allowing them to see through the plane, the BBC news' reported.
"If a pilot wears a Striker helmet - which is essentially a helmet with an integrated display - when he sees something on the ground he can just turn his head, put a symbol across on to the point of interest, press a button, and the system will calculate the object's co-ordinates," Alan Jowett of BAE Systems said.
Source: IndianExpress, Image: Dailymail

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