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Dominos' India website hacked, customer info leaked

The Indian website of popular pizza retailer Domino’s (www.dominos.co.in) was hacked by a Turkish Hacker group that calls itself Turkish Ajan Hacker Group. Details of about 37,000 accounts, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and city details, were leaked, and the passwords have been released in plain text.

Dominos International operates in India through its master franchise Jubilant FoodWorks.

Domino’s India website was hacked using the SQL injection method and remote file inclusion, one of the most common methods for stealing private data from web databases. Through this, the hacker typically tricks the site’s database into revealing data that should be hidden by ‘injecting’ certain commands.

Besides the defacement, the customer database was also breached and usernames and passwords stolen, as there was no protection and no encryption on the site that stored passwords as plain text.

Report by: Business Standard

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