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Make Your Device Water Safe!

Maybe you're a little like us. Maybe you've had the untimely death of a device because of a little water. No more! Get Liquipel™, get wet and keep going.

You send your phone off to the company. They apply a water-safe coating to your phone and send it back to you. The most insane part? When you get the phone back, you won't be able to tell the difference. It doesn't add any weight to your phone and it really is hard even to see the coating.

Water damage has threatened our devices for far too long. Liquipel™ protects every feature of your device with a revolutionary watersafe™ shield.

Features of Lquipel

Lquipel’s patent-pending watersafe™ coating is so small, you’d need a powerful microscope to detect the nano sized armor. Don’t let the details fool you. This tiny layer keeps electronics working despite being dropped into water.

Long Lasting
Liquipel™ permanently bonds on the molecular level to your device, inside and out. You’ll enjoy the watersafe defense beyond the life of your electronic device.

In Depth
Liquipel™ is not a case and is always there to protect your device in the event of water exposure.

“Angry Birds in the shower, at last.”

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