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Facedeals checks you in with facial-recognition cameras

A new app is being tested in Nashville, Tenn., that can check in people on Facebook and send them offers using facial-recognition cameras.

How does it work? 
Facial recognition cameras are installed at local businesses. These cameras recognize your face when you pass by, then check you in at the location. Simultaneously, your smartphone notifies you of a customized deal based on your Like history.

The techie mumbo jumbo
The Facedeals app must be authorized via your Facebook account. With your help, the app verifies your most recent photo tags, using those to map the physical appearance of your face. Our custom-developed cameras then simply use this existing data to identify you in the real world. Personalized deals can now be delivered to your smartphone from all participating locations—all you have to do is show your face. 

Facedeals cameras are standalone devices developed around open source technologies including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, OpenCV, the Facebook Graph API. They can be configured remotely and only require a standard 110 volt wall outlet and a wifi connection.

Bring on the Benefits
For businesses, there is no easier way to deliver customized deals. Users receive personalized offers simply by coming through the door, which removes the guesswork typically performed by both parties. Businesses will no longer wonder which offers will stick. Patrons will no longer plan outings with a deal-a-day mindset, but can simply frequent their favorite spots and count on being rewarded.

When can we see it?
While we're finalizing testing and seeking funding for Facedeals, we'd love to hear what you think. And if you'd like to see some of our other super-practical lab projects, check out Beeri, QReo, Likelight, and Hotpad 

Source: Redpepperland

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