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New sensor-based search engine to be developed

LONDON: A new project to develop a search engine which will draw its results from sensors located in the physical world is being undertaken by computer scientists at the University of Glasgow.

As the internet continues to expand, public access to net-connected sensors such as cameras and microphone arrays is increasing.

The European-funded project, known as SMART, for "Search engine for Multimedia Environment generated content", aims to develop and implement a system to allow internet users to search and analyse data from these sensors, a university release said.

By matching search queries with information from sensors and cross-referencing data from social networks such as Twitter, users will be able to receive detailed responses to questions such as "What part of the city hosts live music events which my friends have been to recently?" or "How busy is the city centre?"

Currently, standard search engines such as Google are not able to answer search queries of this type, the release added.
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  1. Its amazing that as the Internet continues to expand public access network to connect the sensors, such as cameras and microphone arrays is increasing. Its the time to change the top local search engine to the best part of it.


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