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How to see who has already unfriended me on Facebook?

Unfriends are people who were previously your friend but have either deactivated their account or have removed you from their friendlist.

Unfriend Finder will tell you which friends have removed you, who has deactivated their accounts, people you have requested friendship with and who has declined your friend request. Unfriend Finder uses Facebook notifications to alert you on these events.

Whether you use Facebook regularly, or just login from time-to-time to check what your friends are up to, we're certain Unfriend Finder will become a part of your Facebook daily, weekly or even monthly activities.

Unfriend Finder is now compatible with all browsers: 

  • Firefox, 
  • Google Chrome, 
  • Safari, 
  • Opera and 
  • Internet Explorer


  1. Try http://truefbfriends.com - It will tell you who are your real facebook friends and who are fake facebook friends. It will also give you data like how many likes, comments,mutual friends and chats your friends have done with you. It will also tell who all have removed you. A perfect website to filter your friends on the basis of interactions

  2. Post FB status upside down


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