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How to make a crossover cable

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imageDid you know? Connecting two computers together using a crossover cable is the fastest and safest method of transferring your files and data from one computer to another via cable. Data transfer through a direct crossover cable connection between two computers cannot be intercepted like wireless signals can. If you have a lot of music, pictures or large files that you want to transfer to (or share with) another computer, then using a crossover cable is an excellent alternative to using pendrive or cds.


This cable can be used to directly connect two computers to each other without the use of a hub or switch. The ends on a crossover cable are different from each other, whereas a normal 'straight through' cable has identical ends.
When connecting two computers together without the use of hub or switch a "crossover cable" must be used.

Did you know? Using a crossover cable is the easiest and lowest cost method of home networking. Easily connect two computers together by means of a single crossover cable.
Connecting Two Windows XP Computers Together using a Crossover Cable to Transfer or Share Files Between them


Basic Requirements (what you will need to complete this tutorial)

  1. Two computers with a network card installed in each one of them)
  2. 1 Crossover cable (Category 5 or CAT5e cable).



Note: If you want to make a crossover cable then read this tutorial



Step 1: Make sure both computers are turned off.
Step 2: Plug each end of the crossover cable into a network port on the back of each computer.

Step 3: Turn both computers on (it does not matter which one you turn on first).
Step 4: Sign-in to Windows on both computers, as you normally do.
Step 5: Wait until both computers have fully loaded Windows and all startup programs (your mouse pointer will be the normal arrow shape and the programs that load in the system tray (usually located at the bottom right side of the screen, to the left of the time-clock) will all be there when the system is ready to use for configuration).




Step 6. Select one of the computers to complete the rest of the process.


Step 7. Open The Network and Sharing Center. Click "Start," then "Control Panel," then "Network and Internet." Lastly, click "Network and Sharing Center."


Step 8. Double click the "Unidentified Network" icon.

If you have more than one network, this icon will be identified as "multiple networks."

Step 9. In Network, click the information bar. Next, click on "Turn on network discovery and file sharing." If you are prompted for a password or confirmation, type it in or provide confirmation.


Step 10. Choose whether to make your network private or public. Generally, private is the best option.

Video Tutorial

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