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New app displays impact of climate change on planet by using satellite images

Fragile Earth is a stunning photography app giving a birdseye view of climate change, urbanization and nature’s raw power – in which rivers flood and dry up, mountains erupt, glaciers melt and cities sprawl outward.

Stunning Photography App

The app contains some of the best environmental images showing before and after scenes of our natural world. This is one of the top photography apps for showing the changing world giving you detailed ecological snapshots from around the globe.

See years pass under your fingertips with our innovative swipe action. Explore how Dubai has grown from a small city to a thriving metropolis over the last 10 years, or how the notorious Warming Island got its name since 1985.

See The World Change In Front Of Your Eyes

Through some of the most powerful images of the world available, Fragile Earth provides thought provoking portraits of our world – its beauty, vastness and vulnerability.

The images will be able to be viewed by country/region, category and date. The stunning images can be shared via facebook, twitter or email.

Developed by Aimer Media, the team behind The Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms and The Worlds Heritage apps.

The app is available worldwide and costs $2.99.

News: eResource.in, iTune

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