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MosChip's new device to bring PC into living room

Moschip Semiconductor Technology Limited a city-based fables semiconductor company, on Wednesday launched its Personal Computer Virtualisation System (PCVS) that allows gaming, video streaming and internet browsing on TV.

The PCVS, with the company's MCS8142 chip embedded into it, facilitates video streaming, gaming and also virtual functioning of multi-purpose home networking. While the PCVS box is driving the PC to churn out a movie, games or other entertainment applications to your TV, the PC is still available for serious business work.

The company is in dialogue with set-top-box manufacturers, television and PC makers for a possible tie-up for mass production of the device and market it as a bundled product, Ramchandra Reddy, chairman and chief executive officer of MosChip, told mediapersons here.
“This is our first product on the systems side and is based on all the work we have been doing in embedded designing. We will be launching the product in countries like China, the US, India, Japan and Taiwan. Revenues from this product are likely to trickle in from the second quarter of the current financial year,” he said.

He said demand for such an integrated product worldwide was about a million units a month. “Even if we can ship about 500,000 units, we will be doing good business. China alone has the appetite to consume about 20 to 30 million units because of higher adoption levels,” he said.

Read full article here:business-standard, Image: 123rf

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