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Google unveils new range of computers 'with no hard drive'

The Samsung Series 5 550

Google has unveiled its new line of computers that offer no hard drive to store data.
Data in the new 279 pounds Chromebox desktop and 379 pounds Chromebook laptop, launched to take on Microsoft and Apple, will be saved on Google's servers in "the cloud".

This means your documents can be accessed anywhere, from any device, handy if the computer is stolen.

According to The Sun, the first thing that strikes about the computer, which are manufactured by Samsung, is the speed with which they boot up.

They boot up with in seconds, while a Windows-driven PC can take more than a minute.

They also ditch traditional software stored on the device such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop.

Instead, users go online to access word-processing and photo-editing software on "web apps" via Google's web-based operating system Chrome

Via : DNA

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