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Gen Y not keen on saving energy: Study

Gen Y — aged between 13 to 30 years and heavily dependent on power intensive technology like iPods and laptops, shrugs off messages to conserve energy despite rising environmental concerns, according to a study.

"Yet, paradoxically, this is also the age of advances in energy hungry technology — plasma TVs, iPods, iPads, smart phones and lap top computers are all affordable, common place and well-used items in Gen Y households," Samantha Smith, a doctoral candidate in marketing from Monash University, researching Gen Y students, said.

Smith found few feel the need to conserve energy even in the face of environmental messages.

"Gen Y's are big users of technology as multiple aspects of their life involve and rely on online technologies. The results of the research confirmed the heavy reliance Gen Y's have on electricity and highlighted the role that social media plays in creating this reliance," says Smith.

"Feedback from participants also indicated that Gen Y's are dismissive of the impact they can and do have on the environment and that, when electricity is restricted, it is not uncommon for Gen Y's to experience a degree of stress," said Smith, according to a Monash statement.

"Environmental social marketing campaigns are therefore vital to ensure consumers are aware of and act to curb their electricity usage," Smith said.

Smith will be presenting her findings at the 41st Annual European Marketing Conference being held at the ISCTE Business School in Lisbon, Spain this month.

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