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Future Technology Predictions : Technology predictions and roadmap (to 2030)

I've been gazing into my crystal ball, thinking about the Future Technology Predictions and trying to make some sense of whats happening in the techno world. The long and short of it is that I have come up with some technology and social predictions. (Via:www.futuretechnologypredictions.org/)

They are based on market analysis, trend extrapolation and good old fashioned intuition. 
Some of these Future Technology Predictions are controversial (deliberately so), but times are changing and things happen fast.

2010 Microsoft give up on vista

2010 Ubuntu is home standard

2011 IT becomes all about mobile 2011 silverlight dies
2011 3d standardization
2011 Windows applications disappear

2012 Hacking event causes world turmoil 2012 Cloud replaces servers
2012 Diverse office computers is standard 2012 International security database 2012 Designers take over from developers 2012 Email becomes obsolete 2012 flexible screens on packaging 2012 low cost genetic sequencer
2012 MRI scanning in doctors surgery
2012 News papers will die out

2013 Online democratic systems 2013 AI services emerge
2013 removable media becomes obsolete 2013 Systems Integration de-skilled 2013 Television replaced by online
2013 Google not top search provider

2014 Media overtake computing companies 2014 VB script dies
2014 all software is either service or open source 2014 Virtual worlds used by business
2014 Apple becomes biggest content provider

2015 brain pace makers become common place 2015 Employees use their own computers 2015 flexible screens become standard

2015 getting lost is impossible
2015 Google is top enterprise software provider
2015 governments stop buying servers
2015 handheld genetic sequencer

2016  Human lands on mars
2016 implants into humans become common place 2016 IT services becomes about data meaning 2016 It will be possible to index video 2016 Linux becomes is standard OS

2017 Full scale cyber war
2017 opensource hardware
2017 programming is obsolete skill
2017  Relational databases are obsolete

2018  business delegated to AI services 2018 Imagination more valuable than skill 2018 The office becomes history
2018  Call center becomes the past

2019  Automomous robotic toys 2019 Printers disappear
2019 Mobile phone becomes history 2019 weather news mega important 2019 Semantic web services
2019 Opensource car

2020 Talking computers 2020 HUD is fashion item 2020 Petrol Engine abolished 2020 Tabacco smoking illegal
2020 riding a bicycle becomes the norm
2020 Office blocks repurposed

2021 Ubiquitious internet
2021 Intelligence in almost all devices

2022 global state controlled media
2022  the depression is over

2023  Paper outlawed
2023 All knowledge electronic
2023 Autonomous vehicles

2024 natural language programming
2024 English replaces all lanuages

2025 world covered by CCTV

2026 querty keyboard dies

2027 most work from home
2027 Writing not taught

2028 Astro Holidays
This is the best Future Technology Predictions.
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(Via:www.futuretechnologypredictions.org/), Image: 123rf.com

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