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Facebook Launches File-Sharing Feature For All Groups

Just as interest in sharing files in the cloud is starting to heat up, Facebook has started rolling out file sharing for groups.

Working on one of the most common requests from groups’ users, Facebook launched file-sharing feature like Dropbox. All Groups will now be able to send files.

Facebook users often talk about downloadable files, but now they’ll be able to share those Word docs, images, e-books, PDFs rather than having to upload them elsewhere. The addition of file sharing has been a long time coming, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had previously worked on a peer-to-peer service called WireHog, which was shut down due to concerns about copyright infringement.

You’re not going to be able to share huge home movies or zip files of photos, Music or any copyright file and file size is capped at 25mb. But this is just the first version, and you can be sure Facebook will keep hacking away at it.
A screen grab of the new file-sharing feature for groups on Facebook. 
This update rolls out to a small percentage of groups Thursday, and will become available to others during the following days. If you don’t have the feature already, Facebook wants you to know you’ll have it “soon.”


  • You can share Word docs, images, e-books, PDFs rather than having to upload them elsewhere. 
  • Once a file is uploaded, members of the group are given the option in the post that appears on the Timeline, alerting them a document is available to either download the file or post a revision.
  • When you click on the "Files" tab, you are given the option of either creating a document, as you could do before, or uploading a file. The size limit listed is 25 MB. The site does block you, however, from uploading audio files and executable files.

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