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Bombay to Goa: soon you can take your cell number with you

Moving town? Here's one headache you won't need to deal with. Your mobile number will travel with you.
Mobile telephone subscribers in the country will be able to change their operators while retaining their numbers when they shift from one state to another if the New Telecom Policy

(NTP) 2012, to be announced this month, goes through.
"We have finalised NTP (2012). By the end of this month the department will announce the policy," an official of the department of telecommunications (DoT) told HT.

One important feature of NTP (2012) is full mobile number portability (MNP). At present, MNP allows a subscriber to change his operator only within a circle (boundaries of a telecom circle roughly coincides with the boundary of a state). If a subscriber shifts from one state to another, he cannot avail of the MNP facility.

Once NTP (2012) is implemented and the full MNP regime is in place, a subscriber would be able to change his operator and at the same time retain his number, even if he moves to another state/circle.

Another important feature of NTP (2012) is to achieve free roaming throughout the country. Currently, a subscriber has to pay up to one rupee per minute as roaming charges. Though some of the new operators do not charge any roaming charge if the incoming call originates from the same network.

Read full story here at Hindustan Times, Image: 123rf.com

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