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Survey shows 40% students confused about career

JAMSHEDPUR: About 40% of teenagers here are confused about their career options. This revelation came during a nine-month survey conducted by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research's (CSIR) National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML) among 4,000 students of 44-odd schools.

The three-member panel, headed by the chief scientist, information management and dissemination centre, NML, N G Goswami, which conducted the survey among students of Standards VIII, XI and X found that 40% of the students are clueless about their careers. "Nearly 30% want to go for engineering, while 20% say they are preparing for the medical stream and 10% want to go for MBA," said Goswami.

During the survey, the panel members interacted with students, their schoolteachers and parents to figure out who could help the students come to a decision regarding their careers. "The rest of the 40% did not have any clear concept about careers and lacked guidance and motivation from their parents and teachers," said Goswami.

"At present, the structure of imparting education in schools is such that they tend to prepare the child largely for competitive examinations (thus overlooking the need for a balanced growth of a child)," said Goswami.

"We appealed to the respective schools to send these students to NML so that we could encourage them to study metallurgy," said Goswami, adding that the response was positive.

"Out of 1,600 students, several have shown their interest in metallurgy. But, it is just the beginning and we have a long way to go," said the NLM chief scientist.

News: TimesofIndia, Image: 123rf

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