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Simulink-based transient stability analysis of a multimachine power system. Matlab Project

MATLAB/Simulink-based transient stability
analysis of a multimachine power system

Ramnarayan Patel, T. S. Bhatti and D. P. Kothari
Centre for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, India
E-mail: ramnarayan_patel@hotmail.com; tsb@ces.iitd.ernet.in; dkothari@ces.iitd.ernet.in

Abstract Simulink is advanced software by MathWorks Inc., which is increasingly being used as a
basic building block in many areas of research. As such, it also holds great potential in the area of
power system simulation. In this paper, we have taken a multi-machine power system example to
demonstrate the features and scope of a Simulink-based model for transient stability analysis. A self-
sufficient model has been given with full details, which can work as a basic structure for an advanced
and detailed study.

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