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Performance Analysis of JavaScript (Computer Project)

In the last decade, web browsers have seen a remarkable increase of performance, especially in the JavaScript engines. JavaScript has over the years gone from being a slow and rather limited language, to today have become feature-rich and fast.
It’s speed can be around the same or half of comparable code written in C++, but this speed is directly dependent on the choice of the web browser, and the best performance is seen in browsers using JIT compilation techniques.
Even though the language has seen a dramatic increase in performance, there’s still major problems regarding memory usage. JavaScript applications typically consume 3-4 times more memory than similar applications written in C++. Many browser vendors, like Opera Software, acknowledge this and are currently trying to optimize their memory usage. This issue is hopefully non-existent within a near future.
Because the majority of scientific papers written about JavaScript only compare performance using the industry benchmarks SunSpider and V8, this thesis have chosen to widen the scope. The benchmarks really give no information about how JavaScript stands in comparison to C#, C++ and other popular languages. To be able to compare that, I’ve implemented a GIF decoder, an XML parser and various elementary tests in both JavaScript and C++ to compare how far apart the languages are in terms of speed, memory usage and responsiveness.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Smedberg, Fredrik

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