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Now, an app to access files on Google Drive

Cloud computing company nivio announced the launch of 'nivio for Google Drive app', an application that will allow users to access files stored on Google's cloud storage through any connected device.

The app allows users to seamlessly open and edit Microsoft Office files in their native application in Microsoft Office 2010, right from within Google Drive, using any HTML5 browser. And because it’s from nivio, you can use it on any connected device, be it a PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android device, iPad, iPhone, or other smartphone. That’s powerful stuff!

Access Windows® from anywhere; your Mac, PC, iPad, Android tablet or mobile device.

Let us complete your Apple, Chromebook, PC or tablet. Give your device a second life, a new personality or simply shrink your device count down to one. It’s cool to have less, not more these days.Get your entire desktop…all of your applications and data anywhere, anytime, on any device - it's that simple.

Everything is everywhere.
A forgotten work file, a picture you can't find or a song that's on another device is a nightmare we deal with all too often. Your digital stuff is important; equally important as your wallet or car keys, but just as easily misplaced!nivio gives you tons of free storage and the ability to add more - so your data (or "stuff" as we like to call it) is always in the same place and always available. It's your digital life on your terms.But what good is storage if you can't access or edit a file exactly when you need to? With our nDesktop service you can access Windows®, many of your favorite desktop apps and your digital stuff on just about any connected device, wherever you happen to be (it even works on a plane!).

I'm young again.
Do you have an older computer? Now it's young again. No need to buy a new machine or worry about hardware requirements for newer software you need to use. Run the latest flavor of Windows® and powerful desktop applications on your old-computer - without ever worrying about hardware or software upgrades again!

Hassle-free computing.
Forget what's under the hood of your device, just use nivio and let us worry about the rest. When you have a question about your nivio service we are here to help, around the clock. And we love feedback, so don't forget to tell us what we can do to make nivio work better for you. There are a ton of things we are doing right and lots more great features coming soon; the more you tell us the better we make your nivio.

Free gets you a lot.
Drop the "boxes" and enjoy 10GB for free. Which means 10GB allows you to store thousands of songs, tens of thousands of high definition pictures and millions of documents. Run out of space? No problem, you can upgrade instantly - it's magic.And all your content is safe. Backed-up and incredibly secure, taking all the worry out of accessing your files and digital content.

Simple sharing with friends & colleagues.
E-mailing files, uploading them to 3rd party websites, using run-of-the-mill online backup or storage services is so 2011. In 2012, your data and desktop move to the Cloud. Our nDrive makes sharing files and data something you can do in mere seconds...Share your stuff with co-workers, grab and edit an important file on the go, or share your digital life with friends; all with a few clicks. Forgot your laptop at the office? No problem, you can access and edit from a colleague's device, tablet or even use your smartphone. Nivio makes sharing, editing and storing as easy as it gets.

Google Drive is the newly launched cloud storage service by the global search giant Google.

What is this Google Drive that everyone is talking about, you ask? Google Drive is a new cloud storage and collaboration service from Google. It allows you to store your files online and access them from any device: in desktop folders on Mac or PC computers, in mobile apps onAndroid or iOS devices, or from any web browser by visiting drive.google.com. Google Drive is available with 5GB of storage for free, and additional storage may be purchased.

So go download the new nivio for Google Drive app and tell your friends!

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