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Lava launches XOLO X900, world's first Intel-based smartphone

Lava International Ltd. has announced the launch of XOLO X900, the first smartphone in the world with "Intel Inside".

XOLO X900 Overview

Superior Intel technology and Lava’s innovation come together to bring you the new XOLO X900, the first smartphone with Intel inside®. Experience fast web browsing with the 1.6 GHz Intel processor. Based on Intel patented Hyper Threading technology this processor also enables smooth multi-tasking with optimum battery usage. A 4.03” hi-resolution LCD screen, dedicated HDMI output, full HD 1080p playback and dual speakers ensure an unmatched multimedia experience. Click up to 10 photos in less than a second on the 8MP HD camera which boasts of certain DSLR like features. With XOLO X900’s 400 MHz Graphics Processing Unit, 3D and HD gaming turn immersively realistic. Everything you have always wanted, and more, now comes in a blink into your pocket.


Discover what makes the XOLO X900 an awe-inspiring experience.

Lightning Fast Processor
The core of a computer in your pocket

With a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB RAM, the XOLO X900 is the fastest smart-phone. Supercharged with Intel patented Hyper threading technology, the XOLO X900 delivers fast web browsing, responsive apps and effortless multitasking for each task that you have in hand.

Brilliant Camera
Discover the brilliance of a DSLR

Use the XOLO’s Photo-Burst mode to click up to10 pictures in less than a second. The advanced 8 Mega Pixel HD camera delivers stunning 1080p image and video quality in all conditions. Never miss a moment again, anyone can become an avid photographer.

Immersive Gaming
Gaming turns immersive

With a 400MHz Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) for visual performance, the XOLO X900 gives you an unparalleled gaming experience. HD and 3D gaming becomes realistic, gives you goosebumps immersing you in its action.

Exceptional Multimedia
Excellent multimedia

The 4.03" LCD display with a high resolution of 1024X600 pixels ensures crisp text and vibrant images. A dedicated HDMI output port for TV and dual speakers make the XOLO X900 into a powerful multimedia device for each of favorite moments to come alive, no matter what. Never miss out on any detail. Never feel idle, engage in HD.

The XOLO X900 will be available from 23rd April at a street price of Rs. 22,000.

Source: Xolo,Image: GSMArena

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