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Intel officially rolls out third-generation Core Ivy Bridge Processor

Intel Ivy Bridge die.
 (Credit: Intel)
Intel officially announced the high-end, third-generation Core "Ivy Bridge" processor today, and confirmed that more mainstream processors will be coming later.

As expected, Intel said that 13 quad-core i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge processor models are available starting today, aimed at high-end desktop, laptop, and all-in-one designs.

And the chipmaker confirmed that dual-core processors for ultrabooks and mainstream designs will be announced "in the coming months."

Those processors will ultimately find their way into Windows 8 hybrids. "There's a whole new wave of convertible designs coming, where you can get the best of a tablet and the best of a notebook in one device," said Kirk Skaugen, Intel's new PC business chief, in a press conference that was streamed live this morning.

Skaugen continued. "When you see them, they're going to be stunning. You can be typing in clamshell mode, and then open it and have full touch capability of a tablet," he said.

Ultrabook prices as low as US$699 are also expected later this year, Skaugen said. "In China, there are already US$533 ultrabooks from local guys," he said.

He cautioned however that he doesn't want to see quality suffer. "We're not in a race to the bottom with price points; US$699 by the end of the year is a rational price point [but ultrabooks will] not suffer from any lesser quality," he said.

(This article officially published as: Intel officially launches Ivy Bridge chips)

News: CNet

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