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Classifieds Website like Sulekha using ASP.net and C#.net (Computer Project)

The main aim of the project is to develop a user friendly application which giving information of various fields. Here the user can search what type of information he wants. He can search the data and directly get the data.
Generally the application contains Advertiser, User. The advertiser advertises about his organization or any thing he can post. The advertiser has to register with us as an advertiser. If he is a registered user, then he login as an advertiser. The advertiser has to maintain his own login details. The advertiser has to submit accurate details about him and about his organization or about his work. And he has to provide valid contact details.
Similarly when the user wants to search the information for this he has to login as a user. For this he has to register in the site. And he has to provide a validate information. The user has to maintain a valid data and he has to provide accurate information .The user can search data in different fields. He has to use search option. Based on the search option he gets the results.
The administrator takes care of the communication between user and advertiser. The administrator has takes care of information security. For this the programmer has to use different technologies to over come the security problems.

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