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Bidirectional External Function Interface Between Modelica/MetaModelica and Java (Computer Project)

A complete Java interface to OpenModelica has been created, supporting both standard Modelica and the metamodeling extensions in MetaModelica. It is bidirectional, and capable of passing both standard Modelica data types, as well as abstract syntax trees and list structures to and from Java and process them in either Java or the OpenModelica Compiler.It currently uses the existing CORBA interface as well as JNI for standard Modelica. It is also capable of automatically generating the Java classes corresponding to MetaModelica code.

This interface opens up increased possibilities for tool integration between OpenModelica and Java-based tools, since for example models or model fragments can be extracted from OpenModelica, processed in a Java tool, and put back into the main model representation in OpenModelica.

A first version text generation template language for MetaModelica is also presented. The goal for such a language is the ability to create a more concise and readablecode when translating an abstract syntax tree (AST) to text.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Sjölund, Martin

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