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Bangladeshi computer wiz kid eyes Guinness records

Dhaka: A six-year-old boy from Bangladesh who began typing as a three year-old and knew how to programme and download games at the age of four, is hoping to become the world's youngest computer expert and get recognition from the Guinness World Records.
As a toddler, Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha started showing an aptitude for computers and mastered several popular video games, BBC reported.
"I knew he was very different since his birth. I couldn't believe my eyes when he began computing when he was just seven months old," his mother Cynthia Farhan-Risha was quoted as saying.

"Wasik started to play and master many complicated games and started installing them just after he turned two and also started typing in MS Word from around the same time," she said.
When he reached school age, Wasik could not integrate at his local primary school and so his parents decided to teach him at home.
"I really enjoy playing on the computer and learning new skills. My ambition is to be a computer expert and to work for a big computer firm in the future," Wasik told BBC.
His parents are determined that their son's talents should not go waste. They are hoping to get some government funding to help him fulfil his potential.
"If Wasik receives the right support here in Bangladesh and from the best colleges and universities in the world then who knows what he will go on to achieve. I think he is in on the right track at this stage of his development," his mother said.
She said she hopes to get Wasik mentioned in the Guinness World Records, "because currently they do not have anyone listed as the youngest computer programmer in the world".
Guinness World Records told BBC: "We do not monitor such a record in our database at the moment, but Wasik's family is welcome to make a claim on our website."


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