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The Google TV Experience, More Entertainment for your TV

Google TV is a Smart TV platform from Google. It was announced on May 20, 2010, at Google’s Google I/O event and was co-developed by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech. Google TV integrates Google’s Android operating system and the Linux version of Google Chrome browser to create an interactive television overlay on top of existing internet television and WebTV sites to add a 10-foot user interface. Google TV initially launched October 6, 2010, with official devices from Sony and Logitech.

Logitech, however, announced in November 2011 that they will stop making Google TV devices due to their losing more than $100 million on operating profits on their Logitech Revue Google TV device, which is also discontinued. No sequel is planned by Logitech. New partners are arising, however, including LG, Samsung and Vizio, some of which include 3D capabilities.

Source: Wikipedia, Images: Google/Tv

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