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GIIS Singapore Scholarship 2012

About GIIS & the Scholarships 

Q1. Which institution is offering these scholarships? 
The Scholarships are sponsored by the Global Schools Foundation, a Singapore based organization for studying at the Flagship Campus at Queenstown of the Global Indian International School ( GIIS ) at Singapore. GIIS an initiative of Global Schools Foundation, has been established with a focused dedication towards shaping well- rounded global citizens. Today, the growing network of GIIS schools, spread over 22 campuses in 8 countries, is grooming thousands of students from 52 nationalities. Headquartered in Singapore, it offers scholarship to deserving Indian students as a stepping stone for future growth by giving them an unmatched learning experience. GIIS schools are present in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

Q2. Why Singapore only? 
Singapore being headquarters of GIIS; is the nodal centre that has instituted the scholarship programme. The strong network of GIIS  schools at Singapore constituting of Queenstown, Ballestier and East Coast campuses have over the last decade achieved recognition in academic excellence and special expertise to train these young minds to become future achievers. The worldwide toppers of IB  - Nishi Anand in 2011 and Apoorva Sachdeva in 2008 and Shruti Janardhanan, worldwide no.5 in CBSE in 2011 are from GIIS Singapore.

Q3. What are the credentials of GIIS? 
The growing network of schools and the high educational standards speak of credibility of these schools. GIIS stands for Excellence in Education and delivers holistic Education through global best practices. Other than its global presence GIIS offers a choice of 7 different curricula, like CBSE, CBSE-I, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, American System and International Curricula. GIIS Singapore is the recipient of the prestigious International APQO Award for Education Excellence for 2010 and India’s National Quality Trophy (IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award) for 2011. GIIS  is  mentored by an esteemed presidium of patrons and advisors of global repute. GIIS has won a total of 13 international Academic Awards todate.

Q4. For how many years is GIIS giving out these scholarships? 
GIIS Singapore has been giving these scholarships since inception in Singapore. Since the last 5 years GIIS has opened up these scholarships for students from India.

Q5. Scholarship is for which class and for which curriculum? 
The scholarship is for grade 11 and 12 for IB and CBSE curriculum. However, students belonging to any board in India can apply

Q6. How many scholarships will be given in 2012? 
The number of scholarships will be decided on the bar set up by the committee of the scholarships.

Q7. What is the total worth of scholarship and what does it include? 
The scholarship amount is S$ 66,000* per student which includes all tuition fees and boarding, lodging and travel expenses.

Q8. What all does the Scholarship amount include? 
The Scholarship amount includes onetime return airfare + visa fees, tuition fee, boarding & lodging at the Queenstown Campus hostel, return fare India Singapore, one time settling allowance and pocket expenses  per month for pocket expenses.

Q9. Does GIIS provide only academic focus or there are other activities organised as well? 
Apart from its focus on academic excellence, GIIS offers holistic education through its proprietary Nine Gems model emphasising on honing Multiple Intelligences. GIIS offers  music, art, drama, entrepreneurship,   foreign languages and also international level sporting facilities at Singapore. Apart from the world class sporting facilities available at GIIS Schools in Singapore, the island nation state of Singapore has several public sporting facilities of world standard.
Travel, Boarding and Lodging

Q1. Do I need to a have a passport? 
Yes, you need to have an Indian passport with enough blank leaves, and it should be valid for at least 3 years from 15th May 2012.

Q2. Who will manage the visa formalities? 
GIIS will manage all the visa formalities for travel to Singapore.

Q3. Who will pay for the visa fee? 
GIIS will pay for the visa fee.

Q4. Who will pay for the airfare? 
GIIS will pay for one way ticket to Singapore at the start of the Course/Session and one way ticket from Singapore at the end of the Course.

Q5. When will the result be declared and other important dates? 
Likely  dates are as follows:
Mid May – Results of the Written Test and call for interviews for successful candidates only.
End May 2012 : Interviews
Mid June 2012 – Final list of students selected for scholarships
End June / Early July 2012 – Leave for Singapore.
Please check the website www.giisscholarships.org for regular updates.

Q6. How will the scholarship winning students be intimated? 

The successful students will either be intimated through mobile phone /email/ website and NOT BY ANY OTHER MEANS INCLUDING HARD COPY.

Life in Singapore

Q1. Where is the campus located? 
The campus is located in Queenstown, Singapore. The address is 1 Mei Chin Road, Singapore 149253. Phone +65 6508 3700. Queenstown is the flagship Campus of GIIS Singapore.

Q2. How many students are there in GIIS Singapore? 
The school has been approx 10 years in existence and GIIS Singapore has over 4000 students across its 3 campuses. Queenstown Campus has approx 1900 students.

Q3. Where is the Hostel located? 
The hostel is for scholarship awardees only and is located within the Queenstown Campus.

Q4. Is there a separate hostel for boys and girls? 
Yes, there is a separate hostel for boys and girls and there is a lady warden for the hostels.

Q5. What kind of food is served? 
Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food is served. The Non vegetarian menu is served 2-3 times in a week. The Student Committee decides the menu.

Q6. Do I need to carry some cash? 
The students have a choice to carry with them cash/money as is permitted by the Government rules. But it is advised to carry a minimum of S$500 for the initial expenses till the Student Pass is given by the Singapore Government.

Q7. Do I need to have a medical insurance? 
GIIS will give subsidized medical benefits to each successful student after reaching Singapore after the Student Pass is handed over. The Medical Insurance covers basic aliments.

Q8. Will the parents/guardians be allowed to accompany students to Singapore for 1st time drop and settling of the kids in Singapore? 
Parents are NOT allowed to accompany the students. GIIS encourages students to mingle with their fellow students. A senior and responsible GIIS staff member will accompany the students to Singapore.

Q.9: What are the arrangements at the student’s hostel?
 Following are the arrangements at the hostel-
  • Double bunks – i.e. 4 children can stay in one room.
  • Each child has independent table and chair.
  •  Each child has independent cupboard.
  • Hostel has 4 toilets for girls and 4 toilets for boys.
  • Hostel has a common room for cutting cake or for some celebration and event.
  • Lady Warden stays with girls, 24 hours in the hostel.
  • Smart cards and video cameras are there for warden to monitor.
  • Video camera is at the gate, where the guard sits 24 hours.
  • For washing the clothes there is a separate washing and drying machine for boys and girls, who use  it in rotation
  • Hostel rooms are not AC as it is not required given the climatic condition of the place. It rains every 2nd and 3rd day.  Every bed has a fan over it.
  • School Library has all reference books that too in multiple copies.
  • Hostel is meant for only scholarships students.
  • Child carries a laptop. The hostel is WIFI so that students can communicate with their parents.
  • Children are not allowed to go out alone, though once in a week warden takes them out on dinner.

Q.1: What  Co- Curricular activities are provided there?
  The following Co-Curricular activities are provided for:
  • Cricket
  • Basket Ball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Key board room
  • Dancing room
  • Guitar room
Q.2: What is the Flow of stipend and how is it provided?
 The stipend flow is provided to ensure a comfortable stay for the student.  .

Q.3: Can parents send money?
 They can but it is not suggested since the amount provided is sufficient for students.
Q.4: Can students visit their relatives?
Ans. Yes, they are allowed post the warden’s approval . The warden shall only expedite the approval post  a personal mail from the parents to the warden from the regular user id that the parents are using to communicate with the school requesting permission for the same. .

Q5. What will the student do during the long vacations? Will they be allowed to come back to India during vacations? 
The students normally come back to India during vacations.

Q6. Is there any reason because of which the scholarship may be terminated? 
If the student fails to perform on a good score (all-round) after being granted scholarship, a suitable warning will be issued. In case performance is not found improved, the scholarship may be terminated upon the discretion of the management.

Q7. Can the students do some part time work? 
Part time work is strictly prohibited.

Q8. After passing out of class 12th will GIIS assist me deciding the future career or selecting a University to enrol? 
After Class 12 there are dedicated GIIS career counsellors who will guide the students to apply for various career opportunities and extracurricular activities.

Please Note:
1. S$ = Singapore Dollars
2. Decision of GIIS is Full & Final

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