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Flying car will stretch its wings at NY International Auto Show

A flying car in New York City? Sounds like a good kids book premise to us, but this isn't fiction.

Terrafugia's Transition -- the world's first kinda practical flying car -- is coming to the New York International Auto Show April 6-15 at the Jacob Javitz Center.

Before you imagine Dumbo-like displays of aerial awesomeness (if only!), be forewarned that the Transition is not scheduled to do any flying at the show -- the Jacob Javitz Center may be big, but it's not that big.

There will, however, be video of the vehicle flying, as well as wing-folding demonstrations.

The Transition is set to hit the market at the end of 2012 and is scheduled to swoop in at a $279,000 price point, said Steve Moscaritolo, a spokesperson for Terrafugia.

We'll admit that to call the Transition a "flying car" is not exactly inaccurate but may be a bit of a stretch.

The technical term is "roadable aircraft." Essentially, the Transition is a light sports aircraft that has been cleared to drive on highways.

Anyone with a driver's license can drive the aircraft on the road, but you'll need a light sports aircraft license to fly it.

The Transition has a 23-gallon gas tank and gets a range of 400 miles. It gets about 35 mpg on the road and burns rougly 5 gallons of gas per hour when it is at cruising speed in the air.

Terrafugia has already received about 100 orders for the Transition. Moscaritolo said some of those orders come from people who want it for the "new toy" aspect, but the company has also taken orders from people who commute somewhere each weekend, or almost every day, and want to avoid parking headaches and security lines at the airport.

"This thing is designed for you to leave work on Friday and fly to your summer home in Long Island instead of dealing with four hours of traffic," he said.

You can even fill it up at your local gas station.

News: LosAngelesTimes, By Deborah Netburn

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