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Why Your Blog Makes $0

imageHi friends you probably or may be earning monthly $0 by you blog. Their may be a many major mistakes that you have to point out. Following are some guidelines and a standard video by Lisa who will advise you and figure out Why Your Blog Makes $0.


Make sure that


  • your are posting posts, content regularly,
  • you are posting  unique fresh and latest content,
  • you are posting several posts per day,
  • you template or design is attractive or well formed,
  • you have created labels properly,
  • you are sharing your post/blog on social networking websites such as Facebook, Google + , Twitter etc..
  • you are offering you post in email (Using RSS Feed)
  • you are posting comments on other blog website in comment box (The more interesting your comments are, the more likely your peers will follow you to your blog)
  • you are registering others forum (When you register with a forum, make sure to fill out the profile, similar to the blogging services. And equally as important paste URL that is a direct link to your blog)
  • you are replying your readers according their query with best and useful answers,
  • you are using loving words (If your single reader is satisfied with your blog then your blog is good)
  • your website is easily can be searched in search engines,
  • your website is fully Search engine optimized (SEO)


If you want to know more about “Why Your Blog Makes $0” watch this video and understand what Lisa is trying to explain you.



Below I collected some comments that are posted on YouTube on Lisa's Channel. Read and understand what their fans are commenting her for their valuable advise.


Comment 1: Hello Lisa - I've been following your advice for 1-1/2 years now and I want your followers to see how my AdSense earnings have grown. My first AdSense month was only $19.00. Since I started listening to your videos, my earnings have exploded to over $1,200 monthly. I work about 1 to 11/2 hrs per day promoting on social media and free classified sites (not Craigslist or eBay Classifieds) Optimizing my site; registering with directories; and dropping blogger.com for a real site paid off BIG!


Comment 2: Congratulations!!!!! I'm right behind you... I would love to see $1,200 one month.. right now I'm making $2-5 per month... lol... I'm currently watching a few of lisa's Video's per week until I catch up


Comment 3: Again, thank you for a very insightful video. Like I said in my previous comment, I am new to blogging and AdSense and need someone to take me by the hand to get started. Your videos have given me just that. I am so glad I found your site!! At the moment I am using blogger to get a feel for blogging. I do want to start a website in the future. Any suggestions on web hosting companies? Someone other than godaddy. Thanks!!!



Comment 4: hi lisa you have go a new subby here, i just came across your videos looking to set up my adsense properly yes i'm a blogger and have little fan base but now its asking me to set up my spider crawler asking for authentication of the site can you help


Comment 5: I love all your videos. I randomly came across them and cant stop watching. You give the best tips ever. I finally decided to make my blogspot a domain name too. Still lots of work to be done, but thanks to you, everything is way easier now. Keep up the awesome videos
HAR422 2


Comment 6: Just started my new blogging channel.. Lisa you were the first person that got me interested in blogging.. Thanks for everything...

Lisa, your information is worth a price, you should consider coming up with a way to offer a subscription service for people willing to pay for a more personable approach to blogging. I almost feel guilty using your ideas and advice. I would even considering donating to your favorite charity. As passionate as you are I know you like to help those less fortunate individuals.

Comment 7:  Congratulations!!!!! I'm right behind you... I would love to see $1,200 one month.. right now i'm making $2-5 per month... lol... I'm currently watching a few of lisa's Video's per week until I catch up
ladyen7 4 months ago


After reading this article I’m sure you will be feeling more confident and now your ready  to show you potential to the other people using your blog. Your comments are important to us. keep commenting keep smiling. Best of luck to your blog!

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