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Stolen IPhone’s Tracker App Sends Police To Wrong House

(Credit:Josh Lowensohn/CNET)Some people like to be judged on the number of apps on their iPhones and iPads.

Police broke into his apartment in the belief that he was harboring a stolen iPhone, as per news.cnet.com.

This was such a serious case that they broke down his front door, causing 500 pounds (around $750) worth of damage, as stated by news.cnet.com.

This is consistent with news.cnet.com where it is reported that these police officers seemed unconcerned about any damage caused because the iPhone’s owner had an as yet unnamed tracker app that indicated his stolen device was in Kerr’s apartment.

You would think, though, that the British police are nice people who, when they make a mistake, clear up the mess and pay for it, news.cnet.com reports.

News.cnet.com revealed that indeed, a spokesman for the Nottinghamshire police told the Telegraph: “Our officers took the decision to search the property in Rufford Road in good faith with the intention of quickly locating an offender and recovering stolen items from a burglary.

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