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Shloka: ISC Gorakhpur Zone Topper 2011

imageShloka Srivastava is the Gorakhpur zone topper in Indian School Certificate Examination class 12 exams and credits her success to dedication and sheer hard work.

Q. How did you prepare for the exam?
Shloka Srivastava:
I used to prepare point wise notes and do thorough study. I used to follow a time-table religiously that consisted of alternate study of easy and tough subjects.

Q. How many hours a day did you devote for studying?
Shloka Srivastava:
I used to devote 12- 13 hours daily for my studies but would take short breaks every 2 hours.

Q. Did you pursue your hobby while preparing for the exam?
Shloka Srivastava:
Yes. My hobby is to play golf and to read novels. Books are the major source of recreation for me.

Q. How many hours did you sleep during exams?
Shloka Srivastava:
7 hours.

Q. What time of the day did you find best for preparation?
Shloka Srivastava:
Late night was the best time for preparation for me as there was no disturbance and hence easy to concentrate.

Q. Is coaching necessary to gain command on the subject?
Shloka Srivastava:
Coaching is not really necessary but sometimes it is useful to clear the doubts.

Q. Were you scared of any particular subject?
Shloka Srivastava:
Physics and Hindi.

Q. Did you suffer from ‘Board Exam Fever’? How did you cope with the stress?
Shloka Srivastava:
No I never let any stress overcome my self confidence. My Principal Sir always taught me to believe in myself and never to take care of any stress, burden, or fever.

Q. Any particular strategy for your preparation?
Shloka Srivastava:
I used to prepare self notes that consisted of point wise summary of each topic.

Q. Is there any subject that you really hated?
Shloka Srivastava:

Q. How active were you in extra-curricular activities?
Shloka Srivastava:
I was very active n extra-curricular activities. Always took part in cultural activities like drama, dance, and debates.

Q. What are your plans for future?
Shloka Srivastava:
I want to pursue B Tech from IIT Kanpur and then aim for IAS.

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