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Gazetted Officers who certify your documents!

Who is a Gazetted Officer in India? This is a question which many of us are confused about. My friend asked a lot of people about this, but could not find the answer Finally he came to me to solve this problem. This question is not only in my friends mind but it might be your problem also.

Below I mentioned a list of Gazetted Officers who can certify your documents. Reade carefully and share with your friends and family also.

Attestation of copies of original documents for academic or immigration: Only Class I and II public servants/officers mentioned below in ranks and bank managers of a nationalised bank as well.

Class I or Group A
Executive power vested in these categorised public servants with decision making powers:
Lieutenant and above in Indian Army,All India Services, though posted to states; State Government Services (selected through Public Service Commissions in States) or promoted public servants/ officers from states to the cadre of Assistant Commissioner or above and to the cadre of All India services; Police officers of Circle Inspector and above; Additional District Civil surgeons, Executive Engineers and above, District Medical Officer and above, Principals and teaching faculty of government degree colleges and above, Readers and above of Universities,Patent Examiner, Geologists of Geological Survey of India etc are Gazetted officers and have the authority to verify and attest documents. Further, Group A Gazetted officers are not required to sign attendance registers unlike their subordinates and are expected to be on duty 24X7. This post may be considered as being equivalent to managerial posts in the private sector.

Class II or Group B
Officers with limited supervisory or subordinate managerial role:
Naib Subedar to Subedar Major, Section Officer, BDO, Tahsildar, Junior Doctors in Government hospitals, TDO ,Assistant Executive Engineer, Lecturers in government intermediate/senior secondary education colleges or schools, Headmaster of Government high schools, Magistrate etc.

Class III or Group C
Semi skilled with no or lesser decision making authority:
Clerk, Head clerk, [Naik to Havaldar], Havaldar major, NCOs, Assistant, Typist, Stenographer, Telephone operator, etc.
Class IV or Group D-Unskilled or semiskilled:

Source WikipediaTheFree Encyclopedia,  Compiled by Sartaj Husain, Image: 123rf.com

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