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Auto Post Your Blog to Twitter and Facebook

imageIt is one of the best application which allows you to post your blog’s article automatically on twitter using your existing feed. You don’t need to tweet again and again on twitter after each post. This can be done using a  automatic service.In this tool you can set how your twitter account will be twitted by your blog i.e Hourly, weakly or monthly etc.. the tool/service I used here is twitterfeed. For using this service in you twitter account follow the steps one by one given below.

STEP 1: Creating and Account

Go to TwitterFeed.com


If you like, you can sign up to their service with the usual form by clicking “sign up” at the top of the page.




STEP 2 Creating a Feed

After Successful Sig Up a new window will appear like this below.


Feed Name: In feed name simply type the name of your feed or blog


RSS Feed URL: In feed URL textbox type or copy-paste your blog/website URL.




STEP 3: Syncronizing with your twitter Account

On the next page you can choose the accounts that you want to allow access to. In this example I’ll use Twitter Account.


Click on Authenticate Twitter.



A new window will appear as shown below. If a login screen comes up, you can enter your details from there. Otherwise, clicking on the blue  “Authorize app” button and it will synchronize both accounts for you. After synchronization it will redirect you back to the previous menu.




Leave the other setting and Click on Done!

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