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Trace location and operator of any Indian Mobile Number without Internet

ShaPlusThis is a freeware to find the location (Region/state) and cellular operator of any given Mobile number (Indian numbers only). Mobile number can be either entered (first 5 digits) or can be selected from the mobile's contacts list. Android and Java phone can also lookup all Indian STD Codes.

In Android version, on Incoming and outgoing  calls, an alert is displayed to show the location of call.

This is an offline application, no need of internet connection(GPRS) to function. Different versions are available for Windows, Java supported mobile phones, Windows Mobile and android phones.

When you receive a missed call, find out from where you got the call. So before calling back you can know it is STD or local.
Some operators charge less when calling to same network. So before making a call find out if it is same network or not.

For Java Mobile .jar [Download ]
V 2.9 (20KB)
For java Mobile .jad [Download ]
V 2.9 (20KB)


For Windows XP, Vista, 7 [Download ]
Requires Java Runtimes Installed
For Linux, Unix, MAC OS [Download ]
Android and Windows based mobile users Click Here

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