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State defines cheating in Class X, XII

CheatingPurchasing or holding a copy of an exam question paper that has leaked invited no punishment earlier. On the other hand, students were debarred from taking the entire board examination for a year if they were caught with even a plain piece of paper in the exam hall. Doing away with such anomalies and clearing the ambiguity over cases of cheating in the board examinations of class X and XII, the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination ( MSBSHSE) has revised the rules that deal with cases of cheating.

Stealing an answer booklet or a supplement, or threatening the paper checker with dire consequences or writing abusive language on the answer sheet, can now land you behind bars. Earlier, these did not invite any criminal punishment.


The board will register a police case: For impersonation; if a student is found with arms in the exam hall; if a student tampers with the supervisors signature; or if a candidate submits fake documents for an exam.

Tampering with hall ticket: Police complaint, debarment from five exams

Caught with a chit: Debarred from one exam

Having a plain piece of paper: Disallowed from taking that subject, can sit for other exams. Ditto for copying from another student

Mass copying: Guilty cant sit for subject or next exam

source: Indiatimes.com

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