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How Rajinikanth Website runs without Internet?

You might be woundering how it is possible that a website can run without Internet. But it is 100% true that Rajniskanth website runs without Internet. It runs with Rajini’s Power

The concept behind this website is a new concept in web development. This concept is really very cool.

How this work without Internet?

Friends the answer is very simple, This website using a flash file or a flash website. At the time of accessing this website you need to have a internet connection, whenever this flash file download completely on your browser, a script check that you are connected to Internet or not. If you are connected to Internet then it will so home Page only, as you disconnect you internet connection, it will show you all menus of this site.

The Flash file used by this website is here: http://images.desimartini.com/allaboutrajni/Design.swf


This website is designed by Webchutney and its website link is here: www.Webchutney.com.

This website is really awesome with mind-blowing music. The unbelievable spectacle of running a website without the internet is a tribute to Rajinikant’s larger than life image,” claimed Webchutney’s creative director Gurbaksh Singh, who developed the site for Desimartini.com. This website has received a good response and several hits along with many shares on Facebook, Twitter and Google and many other social networking websites.


When You disconnect  you internet then it will show you all menus of this site but if you connect the internet again it shows the following message in a yellow circle “Aiyyo!” That was unexpected. To keep browsing switch off your Internet. Its really amazin. I love this website.


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