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Funny GK

What is the cube of 13?
Its : suroor
Wandaring how?
Thats bcoz....
Tera * tera * tera = suroor

Ek aadmi k 6 fingers thi,use log hanuman bulate the...batao kyon?
Kyonki uska naam hanuman tha..

Who was the 1st indian woman fly abroad?
..........sita with ravan

Wht did the kangaroo say when she found her baby missing?
…….aaila!!!!! Kisne mera pocket maar liya

Wht do u call a really colourful tamilian?
Ans: rangamannar rangrajan

An elephant falls in luv wid n ent.but ant’s parents r against their
Marrige…guess y?
They gave a solid reason…"ladke k data bahar hai"

Ones sardarji saw a very soni kudi in the market & thought..
……kash k ye meri maa hondi to main v inna sona honda..

Full form of maths????
Mentally affected teacher harassing students…

What wud u call a girl who never laughs??
Ans: hasina

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