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eBuddy: Web and mobile messaging, for everyone everywhere

imageeBuddy, your online messenger for MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, ICQ, MySpace and AIM (AOL). Whether you're at home, school, work or traveling; with eBuddy you can chat online everywhere anytime. eBuddy is available as a web based and mobile version. eBuddy provides instant messaging on every computer, it even works when you are behind a firewall! eBuddy means no downloads, no installation of software or upgrades and no registration. Best of all it's free .. enjoy :-)



How to Download and install eBuddy on you phone?


Point your mobile browser to http://get.ebuddy.com
Open the browser on your mobile phone (usually called 'internet' or 'web') and enter the URL http://get.ebuddy.com

This will take you to the page where you can download the eBuddy Mobile Messenger to your mobile phone.



Follow the installation instructions on your mobile phone

  • Make sure that your mobile phone was recognized correctly on http://get.ebuddy.com.
  • If we have detected your mobile phone correctly, click on Download to start the installation.
  • In case we couldn’t detect your phone, click on ‘select a different phone’ and choose the right one.
  • Follow the instructions on your phone to install the eBuddy Mobile Messenger.

Depending on your mobile phone model, you will be presented with a number of options during installation. Choose 'yes' on all options.


STEP 3: 

Time to fire up the engine and start chatting!

After installation, launch the eBuddy Mobile Messenger. You will find the eBuddy Mobile Messenger in one of the following locations: My Own, Applications, Installed, Games or Java applications.

After starting, it will ask you to go online. Choose 'yes' to connect (sometimes a few times)


Now enjoy messaging!

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