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National Cyber Olympiad

The first of its kind in the country, the National Cyber Olympiad is now a global search competition that aims at identifying and nurturing cyber talent amongst the youngsters. It is as much about inspiring the younger generation to enhance their knowledge and comprehension of issues related to computers and IT as about testing their aptitude in these streams.
It is an international level competition focusing on Mental Ability, Logical & Analytical Reasoning in computers and IT in general.
Benefits from NCO
  • Promotes awareness about computers and computer education.
  • Develops confidence among students to take an early lead in a computer-oriented world.
  • Supplements the learning of subjects of state boards and national boards including CBSE, ICSE and NIOS.
  • Enables students to understand the latest technologies in a fast changing world of computers.
  • Makes the school/institution aware of the concept of SMART school of Ministry of Human Resource Development, where the emphasis is not only on imparting IT education but also on development and use of computer skills which are indispensable in the present millennium.
  • A comprehensive CQ (Computer Quotient) report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the participant.
  • A comprehensive SCQ (School Computer Quotient) report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the participant school vis-à-vis national / international performance to enable the schools to improve the quality and level of IT education at their end.
For more informations please visit : http://sofworld.org 

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